Grand Dominion Jazz Band

February 9, 2023
Band Photos – some old

The musical organization's present employees is:
Pieter Meijers - Chief, Reeds
Howard Miyata - Trombone, Vocals
Stan Huddleston - Banjo
Earl McKee - Sousaphone, Vocals
Bruce Huddleston - Piano
Charlie Castro - Drums
Marc Caparone - Cornet

The large Sierra Jazz Band ended up being formed in 1976 inside small-town of Three Rivers, situated in
Central Ca at entry towards the Sequoia nationwide Park. The musical organization has seen only a few
alterations in its lengthy record. Regarding the initial six members, four: Charlie Castro, Bruce and Stan Huddleston
and Earl McKee, continue to be energetic users.

From the beginning the musical organization features enjoyed huge appeal; it enjoys the assistance of a big team
of jazz fans. an US Rag readers poll recently pronounced the High Sierra Jazz Band the next
top standard jazz musical organization ever, only behind the Turk Murphy band, prior to the
Duke Ellington Orchestra.

High Sierra Jazz Band

Artists: The Large Sierra Jazz Band, Grand Dominion, Antti Sarpilla with Jason Wanner,
Jeff Hamilton and John Cocuzzi.

Prices beginning at , 395 - p.p. predicated on posting.

Alaskan Explorer See Seattle, Puget Sound, Tracy Arm, Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan and Victoria BC.

Artists: High Sierra Jazz Band, unwanted fat children Jazz Band and Tom Hook Trio with Eddie Metz Jr. and Bobby Durham.

Match 24th Annual The United States's Timeless Jazz Festival.

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Joining united states with this floating event may be two great conventional Jazz bands-The High Sierra Jazz Band, and Wally's Warehouse Waifs with Theresa Scavarda.. Jazz Band.

For High Sierra Jazz Band bookings and information, please contact

Grand Dominion Jazz Band played Pretty Red Wing at Fresno
Grand Dominion Jazz Band played Pretty Red Wing at Fresno ...
Grand Dominion Jazz Band "Santa Claus Blues"
Grand Dominion Jazz Band "Santa Claus Blues"
Grand Dominion Jazz Band "NEW ORLEANS REVIVAL"
Grand Dominion Jazz Band "NEW ORLEANS REVIVAL"

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