Paramount Jazz Band

April 19, 2022
His Paramount Jazz Band

Acker BilkAcker Bilk carrying out in 1981. His Paramount Jazz Band, set-up within the 1950s, attracted a number of the top artists for the time. Photo: UPPA

Once rock’n’roll reared up behind it in the early 1950s, jazz rarely found itself within the pop music charts once again. When it performed, it absolutely was hardly ever for the characteristic instrumental sound of jazz it self, but also for an imaginative melody that has been just also catchy to miss – eg Dave Brubeck’s and Paul Desmond’s simply take Five (1961) or the guitarist Ronny Jordan’s 1992 funk remake of Miles Davis’s what exactly.

But probably the most unforeseen pop music hits by a jazz musician owed as much to its exclusively jazzy noise as to a melody men and women could hum when you look at the coach waiting line. Which was the western Country clarinettist Acker Bilk’s slow ballad Stranger from the Shore, which topped the charts in 1962.

Bilk, who's died elderly 85, turned-up on tv pop reveals, imperturbably relaxed together with goatee, waistcoat and bowler hat amid the quiffed child rockers, and bridged two globes which were then however near adequate to be entered – the youngish audience for trad jazz, plus the teenage fans living in a pop music climate for which skiffle, swing and primitive rock nonetheless demonstrably had a common ancestry.

However if Bilk’s hit had been feasible because a late-50s trad jazz revival ended up being still operating in parallel with rock-driven pop music, it bore small similarity into successful files becoming made by his contemporaries Kenny Ball and Chris Barber, due to their tight and effervescent music for jiving, or, in Barber’s situation, a hybrid of traditional jazz with a powerful shot of rhythm-and-blues on it.

The strings-backed melody of Stranger in the coast ended up being romantic and dreamy, like drifting in a ship on the sea, nevertheless the selling point of the record truly put in Bilk’s delicate, vibrato-shimmering mid-register clarinet sound. It seemed tender, ample, luxuriously relaxed, also it achieved out to countless jazz and non-jazz audience alike concerning make Bilk the hottest commercial home associated with the British trad jazz action. He called Stranger on Shore their “old age pension”.

Bilk’s profession began with a more fundamentalist method of the preservation of early jazz types, playing a much harsher and more rugged-sounding clarinet in the revivalist musical organization of this trumpeter Ken Colyer, which rigorously devoted it self into pre-20s New Orleans ensemble style, using its emphasis on collective improvisation and discouragement of soloists’ bravura. But though Colyer’s highly authentic songs appealed to buffs, Bilk ended up being a showman with an instinct for popular appeal.

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Paramount Jazz Band of Boston @ Port Angeles, WA. 4-27-07
Paramount Jazz Band of Boston @ Port Angeles, WA. 4-27-07
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