Jazz Band Kent

April 19, 2022
Jazz Band Hire Kent

— The Bert Show (@TheBertShow)

The video clip information claims Kent has attempted countless techniques to have the woman child to wake up in the morning - "everything from rubbing this lady back and ensuring the odor of cozy cinnamon rolls wafts through the household to BLASTING the woman (mom's) music, and tossing dog treats regarding sleep and so the dogs wake her up."

After brainstorming various ideas with "The Bert Show" producers, they decided that a band could be "an ideal fit" when it comes to sixth-grader, who simply signed up to join the marching musical organization, Kent informed Today.

Little Sophie's jazz musical organization security is only the first-in a few imaginative wake-up techniques from "The Bert Show." The 2nd video inside show shows people in the Actor's Express theater organization assisting another litttle lady greet your day with a performance of "Circle of lifestyle" from "The Lion King."

Because truly, often alarm clocks basically inadequate.

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John Kelk Jazz Band at Aylsham Institute, Kent
John Kelk Jazz Band at Aylsham Institute, Kent
Kent Jazz Band 2 at the 2011 Lionel Hampton Festival, Moscow.
Kent Jazz Band 2 at the 2011 Lionel Hampton Festival, Moscow.
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