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August 13, 2019
A Great Big World - Say

SibA Folk Big Band’s avatarSibA Folk Big Band


Finnish folk orchestra of 40 musicians with fiddles, kanteles, accordeons, harmoniums, guitars, percussions, winds and vocals. The effectiveness of the Sibelius Academy Folk Big Band rises from the collective creativity of near fifty people artists. Each user is a new player, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, soloist and ensemble musician – also a skilled improviser! The orchestra performs without needing a conductor or sheet songs, while using the people interacting together in each given circumstance in a dynamic, rhythmic and expressive way, through improvisation while focusing. Despite our careful analysis of historic singing and playing styles, we see folk music as something that lives highly in the present. It cann’t belong in museums; we reside with-it every single day. The Folk Big Band is a part of a 10, 000-year continuum, as well as the only way to carry on is to hold creating brand-new folk music. The result is one thing unprecedented, effective and infectious – it glows with pleasure for our own musical traditions! Sometimes more is more!

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