Jazz Band names

August 26, 2022
In honor of the NW String

It is always the season becoming jolly only at Birmingham Jazz and also as we reach the final two gigs of 2014 our company is looking forward to some more great music in 2015.

During the last 2 yrs since we re-launched we had some brilliant rings wiith some of the top brands in British and Overseas jazz on Red Lion UAB as well as the Bartons Arms. Frequently obtained played in brand new combinations like Robert Mitchell in Tom Harrison's movie musical Project or Ivo Neame in Ant Law's trio. And this period cannot lose out on some top names if you don't immediately understand the band name!

So listed here is a check list of a few of the mucisians we now have got coming in the early part of 2015 - more info as we have it!

Steve Tromans - Axis Point

Ben Crosland, Steve Waterman and Steve Lodder - Ben Crosland Trio

Joey Walter-Lane, Tom Martin, Ben Markland and Anna Brooks - me personally & 3

Bryan Corbett, Neil Bullock, Al Gurr and Ben Markland (fourteen days in a row for Ben but on various devices!) - Bryan Corbett Quartet

David Austin Gray, Aisling Stephenson, Wayne Matthews and Euan Palmer - Neon Villages

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Source: www.birminghamjazz.co.uk
Alex Hutchings Glasto 2005 Jazz Lounge - Band name PLEASE!!
Alex Hutchings Glasto 2005 Jazz Lounge - Band name PLEASE!!

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