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September 23, 2022
Hire Jazz Bands in San

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Bay Area Jazz Bands? The Magnolia Jazz Band stands proudly in an extended custom of well-known san francisco bay area Jazz Bands. The lineage stretches back to the early 1900’s and includes hundreds of interesting tales. Here are a few of them.

Many books and articles (see and ) trace the annals of jazz. Most industry experts agree that jazz design songs started in New Orleans across the change for the final century. One of the very first jazz bands to to go to the San Francisco Bay region was the 1914 performance of Bill Johnson’s Creole Jazz Orchestra. This musical organization showcased several brand new Orleans pioneers whom made a full time income touring the vaudeville circuits in those early many years, distributing their particular exciting brand new syncopated, improvised songs through the entire country.

San Francisco’s “” lured early jazz groups. Dating back towards the gold-rush days, this was a notorious “good time” district in San Francisco’s waterfront area (in those days around Pacific Ave & Kearny St) that supplied enjoyment and diversions to hard-working miners, laborers, seamen, and “slummers”. All over time of World War I, several establishments scheduled many popular jazz groups from about the Bay region, and others featured out-of-town groups.

One local specialty had been pianist Sid LeProtti’s “So Different Jazz Band”, which played inside Barbary Coast from 1906 thru 1921. One touring specialty ended up being King Oliver’s Creole Jazz Band, featuring New Orleans musicians after that employed in Chicago. “Jelly Roll” Morton, the famous New Orleans pianist, also carried out in the Barbary Coast, in a band with several New Orleans artists who had moved to la. That hot brand new Orleans music offered a robust motivation to a lot of associated with the local groups.

In 1918, ’s Orchestra played a far more polite, jazz-tinged dance songs in San Francisco’s Fairmont resort. Lots of the town’s huge hotels showcased similar groups — these were the fact! Two years later on, billing himself while the “King of Jazz”, Whiteman moved their band to nyc and began recording. He hired most nation’s top jazz artists associated with the time (and paid them very well), and became a world-wide well-known commercial success, his career lasting in to the 1960s. Pretty good for a classically trained musician whom started off playing viola because of the bay area Symphony.

San Francisco’s “” (approximately between Van Ness Ave and Divisadero St) was known as the “Harlem regarding the West” through the belated 1930s thru the 1950s. This ethnically rich community boasted dozens of nightclubs featuring real time jazz, and showcased regional Bay Area performers also nationwide headliners including Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie getaway, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, and Miles Davis. Naturally, many regional performers emerged by on a regular basis, “checked away” these movie stars, and learned from them.

A long list of San Francisco Bay region based headliners also incorporates Dave Brubeck, Vince Guaraldi, and Turk Murphy, and these times you are able to enjoy numerous diverse jazz designs throughout the Bay region — Latin Jazz, Dixieland, Swing, Bebop, Free Jazz, and much more.

Magnolia Jazz Band in Sunnyvale 2011 here's a recently available picture showing me personally working together with two of San Francisco’s top jazz musicians — Duncan James and Charlie McCarthy. The Magnolia Jazz Band never sounded better, with Duncan’s and Charlie’s motivation, I’m sure I learned a few new tips that day. Thanks to my friend Veronica Aguila for picture.

These tales hint at one aspect of jazz music that i usually find interesting: how exactly we develop and improve. The previous hundred years, all those jazz artists have paid attention to their particular peers and their tracks, sporadically worked collectively, and continually expanded their own designs with brand-new influences they admired. The exact same growth process happens throughout the arts every day, I’m sure.

Exactly what can we study from history? Browse around and have yourself: “Do we grow and improve with every little thing we observe?

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The Magnolia Jazz Band entertains frequently at weddings and events through the san francisco bay area Bay Area. If you’re ever nearby, you’ll love catching united states in action, seeing and reading us create a fantastic mood. In the meantime, kindly join our Facebook “fans”, and you’ll get reminders for our community activities.

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At the same time, the Magnolia Jazz Band entertains at weddings and events throughout the san francisco bay area Bay region. If you're ever before nearby, you’ll love getting united states in action, seeing and hearing us create a good feeling.

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