Dixieland Jazz Band

September 21, 2022
Dixieland Jazz Band

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Armstrong Hot Five


Jelly Roll Morton


Louis Armstrong

A. The Music

Dixieland developed in the early 20th century (1900 – 1928);1 its four main impacts were ragtime, army brass bands, the blues, and gospel music.


The most common instrumentation of a Dixieland musical organization had been (but still is) trumpet (or cornet), clarinet, trombone, piano, string bass (or tuba), drums, and banjo (or guitar).


The principal function of Dixieland jazz is “collective improvisation, ” which, without each musician taking a solo subsequently (such as many styles of jazz these days), Dixieland jazz performers all improvise at exactly the same time.


Each tool has its own certain role:


trumpet or cornet: plays the melody (jazzed up)


clarinet: adds to (embellishes) the melody


trombone: generally embellishes the bass range but sometimes plays the melody; plays “afterbeats” (adding towards rhythm) and sound clips such “smears” and “slides”


piano and banjo (or guitar): play chords


string bass or tuba: plays the bass line


drums: keeps the beat constant and swinging


Dixieland rings (excluding piano and using tuba rather than string bass) had been initially tiny marching rings.


Besides playing for dances and functions, during the early 1900s Dixieland rings would in addition play for funerals (marching along with the procession) in celebration of this life of the departed.


Louis Armstrong was 1st great jazz soloist (improviser) plus one of the most essential numbers in jazz history.

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You will find those that say that without Louis Armstrong, there would be no jazz today.


Virtually all very early Dixieland jazz artists were African United states.

Interestingly, the 1st jazz record had been created by an all white group referred to as first Dixieland Jass Band (this group spelled jazz "jass").

It was entitled "livery-stable Blues” and ended up being recorded in 1917.


Tune in to tracks of early jazz:

King Oliver and Louis Armstrong’s “Dippermouth Blues” as well as the Original Dixieland Jass Band’s “Dixie Jazz Band One-Step” on The Instrumental reputation for Jazz2.

Louis Armstrong’s “Workingman Blues, ” the first Dixieland Jass Band’s “Livery Stable Blues, ” Jelly Roll Morton’s “Jelly Roll Blues, ” and Bix Beiderbecke’s "Singin’ the Blues” (click below):

Audio Snippets

B. Cultural Ramifications

The collective improvisation of Dixieland jazz represented, simply, African People in the us' newfound freedom.

Although hardly experiencing civil-rights, African Americans were no longer slaves and celebrated their particular newfound freedom through jazz improvisation, playing whatever they wished; they certainly were perhaps not "restricted" to notes written on a page, but rather could play whatever they "heard" in their hearts and thoughts (the songs had not been look over, it absolutely was played "by ear").

Freedom had been and remains an integral issue regarding all types of jazz.

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Source: www.jazzinamerica.org
Benkó Dixieland Band - Creole Jazz
Benkó Dixieland Band - Creole Jazz
Dixieland Jazz Band Concepción Tema1
Dixieland Jazz Band Concepción Tema1
Dixieland Jazz Band
Dixieland Jazz Band

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