Jazz at the Movies Band

August 25, 2022
Jazz at the Movies

Galling whenever your previous student outshines you in terms of international pop superstardom.

But Joanna Eden wears it well.

The previous pupil of hers inside regard, Sam Smith – additionally in the past her extremely periodic songwriting – and currently blasting it in cinemas every where in the motif tune for latest Bond motion picture Spectre.

Kiss Kiss bang-bang finds Saffron Walden-based singer Eden, whose earlier in the day records consist of just a little Bird said and addresses record album Moving Shadows, with reedist Mark Crooks, pianist and MOJO jazz columnist, jazz cleric Rev Andrew J. Brown on double-bass, and George dual on drums.

Opening with Crooks’ sinuous clarinet playing on Hitchcock composer Bernard Herrmann’s ‘Prelude’ this might be less a mentally wrought or dark album and more an appropriate moving stroll, Eden’s honeyed vocals dominating (her sound lands someplace near to Jacqui Dankworth and she is in addition endowed with great diction and inborn jazz time) ringing away obvious as a bell on Agatha theme ‘Close Enough For Love’ next.

Really the only Bond link inside title track incidentally, ‘Mr Kiss Kiss Bang Bang’, was a tune refused for Thunderball.

Jazz within movies is a familiar sub-genre of album – Terence Blanchard did an incredible instrumental one some years ago, as an example – while the knack is within the options, some here well off the outdone track, others very familiar. The record also contains the Grusin/Bergmans Tootsie motif ‘It Might Be You’ that Norma Winstone has covered brilliantly lately, the procedure here dressed up in way more casual swinging popular jazz clothes. SG

Introduced in January. The Jazz on Movies band, above, play Dereham in Norfolk on 5 December, Ronnie Scott’s, London on 6th with complete dates approaching detailed right here

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