Garfield Jazz Band

August 29, 2022
The Garfield Jazz band in

Clarence Acox, Jr., an instrumental figure in the Seattle songs scene, features nurtured youthful musicians when it comes to past 44 years at Garfield high-school. He leads the popular Garfield Jazz Ensemble, winning a large number of honors and making regular appearances at national and worldwide venues.A native of New Orleans, Acox found Seattle in 1971 straight out of Southern University, where he had been recruited by Garfield High School to regenerate its moribund songs program. He founded the Garfield jazz system in 1979, as well as in over three years of leadership, he's made title “Garfield” synonymous with quality in high-school jazz. Garfield's Jazz Ensemble has had beginning four times (2003, 2004, 2009, 2010) at ny's basically Ellington nationwide Jazz Band Competition and Festival at New York City's Lincoln Center - the nation's most prestigious high school jazz competitors. Under Acox's direction, the jazz ensemble features won pretty much every significant competition on western Coast.
Acox’s successes are not restricted to Garfield. He's also regarding the professors at Centrum’s Jazz Port Townsend and it is Director, twelfth grade Division Ensemble during the nonprofit jazz training company, JazzEd. He additionally directed Seattle University’s jazz ensemble from 2005-10.

An established and in-demand drummer in the very own right, Acox co-founded the in 1995 and it has done using the Floyd Standifer Quartet (now-known as Legacy Quartet and led by Acox) at the brand new Orleans Creole Restaurant for longer than two decades.

Clarence has received numerous awards for their accomplishments as both an educator and a musician. Among others:

  • He was called Earshot Jazz magazine’s Musician of the season in 1992;
  • In 1994, he was inducted to the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame;
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Garfield High School Jazz Band: Essentially Ellington 2015
Garfield High School Jazz Band: Essentially Ellington 2015
Garfield Jazz Band - Hot Java Cool Jazz 2014 - Perdido
Garfield Jazz Band - Hot Java Cool Jazz 2014 - "Perdido"
Garfield Jazz Band - Hot Java Cool Jazz 2014 - Bag of Dreams
Garfield Jazz Band - Hot Java Cool Jazz 2014 - "Bag of Dreams"

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