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April 10, 2022
Swinging Little Big Band:
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alto saxophone

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A. The Music

Big band swing was at the forefront of jazz and underwent its many concentrated development and development from 1930 – 1945.1

B. The Top Band Age

The Swing Era normally referred to as Big Band Era since the wide range of devices during these bands was dramatically larger than during past Dixieland era.

C. Instrumentation

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While any jazz musical organization with 10 or more instruments is known as a big band, the most typical number of devices in a large band ended up being (whilst still being is) 17:

  1. five saxophones (two alto saxes, two tenor saxes, and another baritone sax)
  2. four trumpets
  3. four trombones
  4. four "rhythm" devices (piano, bass, drums, electric guitar)

D. Dance Groups

Huge band swing music ended up being mostly for dancing, for example., swing rings were party groups.

E. Call and Response

"Phone and reaction" ended up being a common music product.

  1. This is where one area (state, the metal section, in other words., trumpets and trombones) would play a musical phrase after which be “answered” by another section (state, the saxes); initial expression could be the call, the solution may be the reaction (like a music conversation). This could go back and forth a number of times.
  2. For a typical example of telephone call and reaction, listen to the introduction of Fletcher Henderson’s "Wrappin' it" on Instrumental History of Jazz.
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F. Essential Numbers

G. Paying Attention Examples

Listen to recordings of Swing age jazz:

  1. Matter Basie’s "One O’clock Jump, " Duke Ellington’s "East St. Louis Toodle-o, " and Fletcher Henderson’s "Wrappin’ it" on The Instrumental reputation for Jazz
  2. Matter Basie’s "Jumpin’ in the Woodside, " Duke Ellington’s "principal Stem, " and Benny Goodman’s "Sing, Sing, Sing" (click below)
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