Big Band Jazz Bands

September 6, 2022
Artwork from the Thad

UMD Jazz Ensemble — the principal jazz huge musical organization for advanced Jazz and Music majors

UMD Jazz Lab Band — includes Jazz and Music majors, in addition to advanced non-majors

University Jazz Band — the all-campus and largest jazz band, attracting skill from many majors

UMD Chamber Jazz Combos — four little jazz ensembles of six to seven songs majors each, plus a bigger Latin Jazz Ensemble, specializing in Latin Jazz arsenal

Alumni Reunion Jazz Band — a non-credit ensemble for prior UMD jazz pupils

The University of Maryland jazz ensembles perform representative music from the standard jazz repertoire, in addition to brand new compositions and arrangements from UMD students and professors. Over one hundred pupils perform when you look at the different UMD jazz rings. The Jazz Ensemble is one of only three elite rings invited to do annually at the UDC Calvin Jones Big Band Jazz Festival, probably the most expected events on Washington D.C.'s jazz diary and frequently transmitted in the BET Network. Combos and huge rings in addition perform outreach concerts at local schools and venues including the nationwide Archives, D.C. Public Library, and nationwide Building Museum, area schools, as well as campus occasions eg Maryland Day, Gala Activities, and commencement tasks.

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Big Band Jazz Nachi Swing Jazz Orchestra encore
Big Band Jazz Nachi Swing Jazz Orchestra encore
Cincinnati Swing/Jazz Band RL Big Band Promo
Cincinnati Swing/Jazz Band RL Big Band Promo
BIG BAND Swing Jazz Instrumental Music Piano Songs
BIG BAND Swing Jazz Instrumental Music Piano Songs ...

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