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August 31, 2022
The Marcus Roberts Trio & The

MBBThe Mingus Big Band celebrates the songs of composer/bassist Charles Mingus, whom passed away in 1979. Underneath the imaginative direction of Sue Mingus, this 14-piece musical organization done Thursday nights from 1991 to 2004 at Fez under-time Cafe in New York City. It maintained weekly residencies inside city from might 2004 until October 2008, with regards to began “Mingus Mondays” at Jazz traditional in which it alternates aided by the Mingus Orchestra and Mingus Dynasty.

The Mingus Big Band tours extensively in the United States and abroad, and has ten recordings to its credit, seven which have already been nominated for Grammys.

Regulars currently showing up in 14-piece band:
3 Trumpets: Randy Brecker, Earl Gardner, Alex Sipiagin, Lew Soloff, Tatum Greenblatt, Ryan Kisor, Kenny Rampton, Jack Walrath, Sean Jones, Alex Norris, Philip Harper
3 Trombones: Conrad Herwig, Andy Hunter, Ku-umba Frank Lacy, Earl McIntyre, Dave Taylor, Robin Eubanks, Joe Fiedler, Clark Gayton
5 Saxophones: Vincent Herring, Seamus Blake, Abraham Burton, Wayne Escoffery, Donny McCaslin, Mark Gross, Craig Handy, Scott Robinson, Jason Marshall, Lauren Sevian, Jaleel Shaw, Steve Slagle, Ronnie Cuber, David Lee Jones, Coleman Hughes
Piano: Orrin Evans, David Kikoski, Helen Sung, George Colligan, Kenny Drew Jr., Jim Ridl
Bass: Boris Kozlov, Hans Glawischnig, Andy McKee, Joe Martin, Ugonna Okegwo, Dwayne Burno, Mike Richmond
Drums: Donald Edwards, Gene Jackson, Victor Lewis, Jeff “Tain” Watts, Adam Cruz, Tommy Campbell

The Critics state:
The hippest huge musical organization inside world – robust, earthy, sanctified.”
-Time Out New York

“The Mingus Big Band – musician for musician – the most spirited
and theoretically gifted rings in the united states.”
-Seattle Examiner, 2009

“The once a week Monday Mingus program within Jazz Standard is New York’s most transcendent weekly residency. It’s most likely the best in the entire world.”
-Lucid Customs, 2009

“A better musical organization than ever before today…plenty of meaty, unforgettable solos… nevertheless the genuine star is it world-class musical organization, moving through Mingus’ music with a simplicity that masks the pieces’ trouble.”
-Tony Scherman in Folks

“The many motivated, exciting ensemble jazz performance I’ve went to since the nyc night we heard a somewhat different Mingus Big Band into the Fez….”
-Philip Elwood The San Francisco Examiner

“The Mingus Big Band is a question and an anomaly…the Mingus Band has had a musical history and changed it into an innovative power that generates a contemporary originality and vitality all its very own. These are typically an essential part of the present jazz scene and a continuing reminder that jazz—big musical organization jazz, at that—is not only enjoyment but a strong art and ways appearance.”
-All About Jazz

“..revived Charles Mingus’s repertory in addition to brawling, muscular, hard-swinging, bluesy method he desired it played.”
– Jon Pareles regarding the New York Occasions

“Mingus’s music does not just deserve becoming heard; jazz needs it.”
– The Brand New York Instances

“A spirited blend of the lush harmonies and boisterous blues areas, interwoven ensemble passages and abrupt tempo shifts that made the late bassist Charles Mingus the most difficult and famous music artists in jazz.”
– La Times

“Succeeds triumphantly where other people [repertory bands] failed.”
– The London Times

“An astonishingly telepathic ensemble.”
– New York Routine Information

“The jazz repertory occasion associated with period. . . [the Big Band] is looking into the arsenal of Charles Mingus, playing old and new plans that capture the best parts of the Mingus legacy: the muscle tissue, the love for history, the determination to take risks, the guts and soulfulness.”
– The Brand New York Circumstances

The best jazz orchestra worldwide holds title of the Mingus Big Band. . .a remarkable high standard of musicianship, power and consistency.”

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ED PALERMO BIG BAND featuring Phil Chester (NYC 2013) HQ Audio
ED PALERMO BIG BAND featuring Phil Chester (NYC 2013) HQ Audio
Bob Mintzer Big Band @ IAJE Jan. 13, 2006 - NYC
Bob Mintzer Big Band @ IAJE Jan. 13, 2006 - NYC
Ed Palermo Big Band 2015 01 17 Iridium NYC
Ed Palermo Big Band 2015 01 17 Iridium NYC

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