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June 1, 2021

The Manchester Musicians Collective was formed in April 1977, influenced partly, by Dick Witts' participation with artists for the London Collective. However, from its conception, the Manchester collective took a tremendously different musical course.

The first membership included members of Dick's Normedia team; Louise Alderman and Chris Griffin; Trevor Wishart, who was composer in residence for Northwest Arts. Using the arrival of Mark Smith of ‘The Fall’ and Frank Ewart from 'Manchester Mekon’, things changed forever. The groups had appeared.

Frank, as a result of his technical knowledge, instantly became a main figure in addition to Fall played their particular very first gig at Northwest Arts cellar, where initial meetings were held. It soon became evident that another location was required in addition to Band regarding the Wall had a free of charge evening. A pilot scheme was recommended to your owners Steve Morris along with his lover Frank Cusick, they agreed to some test Sunday nights to see what would take place.

It a courageous move. (Steve played clarinet in trad jazz design in which he found the songs regarding the late 70’s difficult. However, he had been an enthusiastic Musicians’ Union man and thought in encouraging younger musicians and artists, whatever the music category.) The initial few gigs had been really blended: various overall performance designers plus groups and specific artists.

Dick Witts, Louise Alderman, Chris Griffin and David Pimlott, formed an improvisational team labeled as, ’The Toy Town Symphony Orchestra’. They played a number of devices and wore frog masks. Gradually, the Bands took over. Though there was clearly nonetheless sometimes an appearance by a collective orchestra of some sort.

It ended up being extremely interesting time musically, the mix of musicians introduced some thing to each “camp” offering every little thing an edge in some way previously lacking together with gigs proved to be very popular also. As term spread more rings became members of the Collective; some for some time, some for longer. A particular ratio, The Fast Cars, The maybe not Sensible, Slight Seconds, Spherical items, passageway, Warsaw/Joy Division, were all Collective members.

All the rings had been friends and there was clearly a rota of whose turn it would be to play a gig and who does be headlined. Everything ended up being arranged by the Collective: users, printing, publicity (travel publishing!).The press on a regular basis reviewed the gigs and even though this made all of them favored by artists interested in recognition. It absolutely was never ever the power behind any occasion. Men and women went along to pay attention to the music share tips and amazingly (or not) to greatly help both.

Per year on, the idea of a Collective record had been mentioned. Steve Solomar currently had his or her own record label Object Records and, as a collective user, felt well-known option. It appeared to evolve naturally so it is recorded on Object. He had been provided full imaginative control to find the line up for the record album and to that end, went to most Band on the Wall gigs to begin to see the groups performing real time.

1st group Album A Manchester Collection was released in 1979 A Manchester Collection was launched. (Louise Alderman 03.11.08)

Lux Live Music Band Manchester ( Maziar & Sasha)
Lux Live Music Band Manchester ( Maziar & Sasha)
Lux Live Music Band Manchester ( Maziar & Essi)
Lux Live Music Band Manchester ( Maziar & Essi)
FM Davies & His Supple Music Band Live in Manchester
FM Davies & His Supple Music Band Live in Manchester

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