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July 1, 2021
Old-time music

By Mike Seeger

We travel by atmosphere a great deal so when We put my fiddle when you look at the expense baggage container someone frequently requires what type of music We play. Often i have answered "old- time music" but quickly discovered that implies small to your general public, as it could indicate almost any songs that occurred prior to the time of our discussion. Occasionally we take to "old-time nation" and they might state "oh, like Hank Williams?" and/or Merle Haggard. "No, " we state, "it's acoustic and much more backwoods than that." Then occasionally (if they are really knowledgeable) they are going to state, "oh, will it be bluegrass?" I wish old-time music had such a good handle.

I am gradually learning how to abandon short labels and just take a minute to describe the place and time that music existed in and from now on is present in, because musical awareness is really so layered and tied to modern format radio and television that a lot of Americans' view of songs is quite slim.

Old-time music was the old-time name the real deal mountain-type folk-music. Old-time music could be the main basis for bluegrass music. This is the type of music that Bill Monroe, Earl Scruggs, the Stanley Brothers plus reality most rural men and women before the middle nineteen 20s, had been raised with. This is the old unaccompanied English ballads like Barbara Allen, brand-new American songs like Wild Bill Jones, old fiddle tunes like Devil's fantasy, and newer banjo tunes like Cumberland Gap. It really is a rich and different heritage of music - as wealthy whilst the roots songs of any nation. It was played throughout rural America but ended up being extra-strong and unique in Southeast, especially in the hills. It is sung and played on a number of acoustic instruments like the electric guitar and mandolin which were newcomers to it in the early twentieth-century. It used to be played by African Americans along with Anglo, French & Scotch- Irish, etc People in the us. It almost faded away in mid-century but has actually found new way life and is being played, mostly informally, by folks everywhere.

Before we had radio and phonographs, folks used the songs to captivate by themselves; more men and women played songs in those times, just before could drive a button and rely on other individuals to make it available. Inside pre-electronic days you constantly needed to create your own songs or be real close to some one who was simply making the music, to listen to it when it ended up being actually being made. There was clearlyn't a music marketplace and not much cash around, therefore with the exception of some minstrel programs and periodic schoolhouse and medication reveals also exemplary musicians gained just regional, informal appeal and retained their "day jobs" in farming or small-town mills. The songs from the earlier in the day, old times endured through the years due to its rich and varied sounds and lyrics and given that it loaded the needs of the folks, just who, all things considered, created it for themselves.

Given that we have radio, television, CDs, and thus much electrical gadgetry this music may appear conventional. Or perhaps in various other terms, enduring and timeless. Occasionally in interviews i am asked, "how come you play old-time music?" I guess they ask that given that it's old and, by implication and in addition in fact, non-commercial. We suspect that numerous folks play this older design music for a few of the identical reasons that most bluegrass musicians perform bluegrass, because we enjoy it and it also meets us. We can think about a myriad of factors such as for instance "I became raised with-it, " "I like its noise, " "i love to be able to have fun with the music myself or with friends without plugging in, " and I can add on "it's eternal, important and I also appreciate its continuity using the last." All those and more fit me personally. I can talk on and on about known reasons for liking old-time and bluegrass songs but really it-all boils down to "it simply suits myself."

These days, as in the old days, old-time music may be heard in people's domiciles generally speaking; in public areas the main spot has reached fiddler's competitions, such Mt. Airy (NC) or Clifftop (WV), on or off stage, in which several thousand people, most of them artists, will gather. At these types of a meeting, you can find up to 100 old-time bands competing. Old-time songs can also be sometimes present within neighborhood events, music celebrations, at occasional shows plus in the schools.

There are most likely a few thousand men and women playing this music now. Whereas old-time songs was previously played by outlying and small-town folks, mostly taking part in agriculture, and quite often in the mines and mills, it is currently played by those who have a typical urban-based experience. Now occupations include woodworking, computer-programming, law rehearse, car-washing, training etc. Most likely five no over ten performers make their particular full-time lifestyle playing old-time songs, based on your meanings of "old-time" and "a living."

Currently few bluegrass activities function old-time songs despite its apparent link with bluegrass, its musical price and power to communicate. Some bluegrass performers tend to be including old-time sounds and tunes in their repertoire, by way of example, the Dry Branch Fire Squad, Nashville Bluegrass Band, Tony Trischka, Bill Evans and Tim O'Brien therefore the O'Boys.

Such as bluegrass as well as in any continuously made use of and developing talent there clearly was some controversy in regards to what old-time songs really is. To some it's only sequence band songs of a certain kind, to some folklorists in people industry it will simply be created by people produced when you look at the Southern, for some it is just the music associated with late 20s and early thirties. Since there are so many kinds of songs which is essential to be able to communicate in this complex globe, some such definitions tend to be helpful. Within the following list this description would be my guide: rural-style songs of late nineteenth and early 20th century America and its own closest descendants.

It really is only feasible to communicate about music when you can hear the music, so I've put together two listings of ten CDs each that could provide the bluegrass listener a good introduction towards noises of old-time music. The first listing is of contemporary musicians, the second reason is of re-releases of older conventional musicians and vocalists, almost all of who are deceased. Regrettably among the better recordings of old-time music are on out-of-print LPs, but all the after can be obtained on CD. That is my own selection and definitely important artists need to be left-off of these a quick record.

I really believe that any person enthusiastic about bluegrass would enjoy having about several tracks of its mother or father songs, old-time. Just in case you can only just afford several, the first several in each number tend to be good starting point.

Source: mikeseeger.info
Old Time String Band OTSB
Old Time String Band OTSB
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Old Time String Band Music Bill Schmidt`s Party October 21
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