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February 24, 2024
Hiroshima -Hiroshima


Bright, eclectic and certainly original, the 2010 Grammy-nominated Hiroshima produces a musical globe all its own. Featuring the luscious noise of June Kuramotos koto, additionally the interwoven textiles of Jazz, Japan, Salsa plus, their particular Departure CD and trip, journeys to your heart of their music heart.

This fall Hiroshima is scheduled to produce its newest CD J-Town Beat (#19) that will be an innovative new path the band. Its about the effort to retain tradition in the us, exploring their origins into the groove, have a great time and try to conserve J-Towns. They are very excited about this record, including brand-new tracks Meiji Mambo State of Mind, Red Buddha and Lady of Mystery.

In 1971, Duke Ellington recorded a record album entitled The Afro-Eur-asian Eclipse. Included in that work, Ellington proclaimed that entire world was going [Asian], hence no body would understand who was simply in shadow of whom.

The celebrated ensemble referred to as Hiroshima may be the satisfaction of Ellingtons prophecy. In significantly more than three years since they first convened, the Los Angeles-based ensemble of Dan Kuramoto (keyboards/ woodwinds/ composer/ producer), virtuoso Summer Kuramoto (koto/ composer), Kimo Cornwell (piano/ keyboards/ composer), Danny Yamamoto (drums/percussion), Dean Cortez (bass) have actually mixed jazz, pop, and rock with old-fashioned Japanese folk-music and instruments. The ensuing sound was a pioneering sound in contemporary world songs action associated with the belated 20th century.

Previously evolving, the 2010 Grammy-nominated group, showcased by the noise of June Kuramotos shimmering koto (mentioned by Stanley Clarke to be the worlds most useful) creates songs and sounds totally unique-with level, life blood.

After significantly more than 30 years in recording business - and virtually 4 million documents sold Hiroshima chose to keep record companies behind and endeavor on our very own because of the changes in the songs industry and just what its today going to take to endure.

For Hiroshima which took its name through the Japanese city that suffered a nuclear blast during World War II, yet rose phoenix-like from the own ashes the ride started inside polyglot metropolis of la. Out of all the users, just June Kuramoto came to be in Japan. She arrived in Los Angeles whenever she ended up being six and lived in an African-American neighborhood.

Source: www.jazzconcerts.com
Hiroshima to headline Pacific Rim Jazz Festival - Honolulu
Hiroshima to headline Pacific Rim Jazz Festival - Honolulu ...
Hiroshima (band) version jazz funk 1980.wmv
Hiroshima (band) version jazz funk 1980.wmv
Assemblymember Furutani Honors Jazz Fusion Band, Hiroshima
Assemblymember Furutani Honors Jazz Fusion Band, Hiroshima

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