Music Machine Band

November 1, 2022
Music Machine, Wedding Band








Garage Rock


Garage Punk


01. 96 Tears

02. Absolutely Favorably

03. Advise and Consent

04. Cherry Cherry

05. Resident Concern

06. Come On In

07. Discrepancy

08. Dual Yellow Line

09. All things are Everything

10. Hey Joe

11. I Have Loved You

12. Masculine Instinct

13. Mother Nature/Father Earth

14. See See Rider

15. Smoke & Water

16. Some Other Drum

17. Talk Talk

18. Taxman

19. The Eagle Never Hunts the Fly

20. Individuals In Me

21. Trouble

22. Stress

23. Wrong

24. You'll Love Me Once More


Rudy Martinez

Sean Bonniwell

Neil Diamond

Sean Bonniwelll/Paul Buff

Billy Roberts/Willian Roberts

Ma Rainey

George Harrison





















"I saw myself as a visitor on an earth which longed to leave, knowingly remorseful that these types of an exiting was not mine to appoint."

- Sean Bonniwell




- The Songs Machine: Primary Artist

REVIEW> by Richie Unterberger

Most well-known for "Talk Talk, " a high 20 single from 1966 that was probably the most manic '60s garage-punk hits, the Music device had a great deal more level and songwriting skill as compared to typical one-hit miracles associated with the time. Lead singer and songwriter Sean Bonniwell's strangled words and dark, verbose eyesight paced the team's wiry psychedelic guitar lines and ominous, minor-key Farfisa organ. The San Jose, California-born Bonniwell was indeed prompted to form his very first group in highschool in belated '50s after hearing "just You" because of the Platters. He later moved into folk-music, and was a guitarist with these types of early-'60s folk clothes as the Noblemen additionally the Wayfarers (whom'd enjoyed a recording agreement with RCA Victor). But by the mid-'60s, with all the people revival boom over (combined with the Wayfarers Trio, the British Invasion cresting, and folk-rock from the side of bursting around him) Bonniwell formed the Ragamuffins in combination with bassist Keith Olsen and drummer Ron Edgar (late regarding the folk-pop combination the Goldebriars).

The trio later broadened to a quintet with organist/pianist Doug Rhodes, and second guitarist Mark Landon joining. By 1966, they would taken on notably more severe variations of requisite Beatles haircut, topping a picture ruled by black colored clothes (and Bonniwell's trademarked single black leather glove), and renamed by themselves much more distinctively as the Music device. Bonniwell was the dominant personality in group, as a songwriter of excellent capability as well as a serious taskmaster; he would already been very serious about their playing, as well as in regards to the recording procedure, stopping of three LPs because of the Wayfarers, plus contrast to many of these competitors associated with the duration, forced the group into much time of rehearsals. Much more crucial, he got all of them to perfect their particular sound without getting stale in the process, plus the playing by all members had been first-rate; Rhodes' Farfisa organ and Olsen's attack regarding bass were completely coordinated to Bonniwell's intense, brooding vocals. The effect ended up being a sound - as shown to their most useful singles in addition to most readily useful moments of the only LP - that combined an edgy storage punk attack with playing that has been studio- and radio-friendly.

They certainly were opted by producer Brian Ross, which got their particular debut single, "chat Talk, " released on first Sound. That record, a piercing one minute-and-fifty-six-second garage-punk surge circulated at the end of 1966, made it to total 15 regarding the maps and propelled the Music device to national prominence (including upward of a dozen appearances on United states Bandstand, according to Bonniwell). These people were never ever able to follow it up properly. Only 1 record was released because of the original lineup, additionally the team's ferocious energy was diluted on subsequent tracks. Despite chalking up just one more minor hit single ("the folks in Me"), the songs Machine recorded quite a few exemplary, imaginatively created singles and album tracks that found them examining the darker part of psychedelia with compelling strength and imagination.

Bad administration and some incredibly bad decision-making led to their particular dissolution at that time, but Bonniwell is still something of a musical legend within the 21st century, and "Talk Talk" is undoubtedly a garage punk classic. Keith Olsen afterwards relocated into production, and worked in that ability with Emitt Rhodes as well as others before hitting a multi-platinum vein with the mid-'70s incarnation (or reincarnation) of Fleetwood Mac on the self-titled 1975 record. Mark Landon appears to have vanished from music after using Bonniwell and organization, but Doug Rhodes and Ron Edgar both moved inside and out regarding the orbit of known producer Curt Boettcher (additionally an ex-member regarding the Goldebriars) through groups such as Sagittarius and the Millennium, and Edgar additionally played drums with Bread to their self-titled album.

REVIEW> by Sleeve records: the very best of the songs device

'It gives us great satisfaction to eventually offer a consummate bundle by among the best rock bands to emerge through the middle sixties. For their hostile assault and dress-all black colored, including dyed hair and black colored glove on one hand only-the group was placed in the vanguard associated with the punk stone growth. Nevertheless the songs device was alot more than that.

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cover band Music Machine
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