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October 12, 2022
Orange County Bands | List of

2015 grant and Study Grant Recipients photographPress launch by Emily Richard, 2015:

Since 1962, the Tri-County Symphonic Band is making its mark-on our neighborhood. This fall, approaching the 54th concert period, isn't any exemption.

For more than half a hundred years, the Tri-County Symphonic Band features consistently pursued two goals: the sharing of high quality music with all the community, therefore the inspiration and help of teenagers in musical endeavors. They may be found conference weekly beneath the course of Mr. Phil Sanborn, practicing an eclectic collection of songs from fine concert band repertoire, to brand new pieces commissioned especially for their shows. This array of professional and good amateur performers volunteers countless hours over summer and winter to create a host of imaginative talent to your individual yard when you look at the Tri-County Area – Barnstable, Bristol, and Plymouth counties of Massachusetts. Their influence, but cannot end indeed there.

Behind-the-scenes, the proceeds from solution product sales raised because of the Tri-County Symphonic Band activities and generous donations tend to be distributed yearly to a competitive collection of young people whose skill and ambition serves as an added motivation for Tri-County Symphonic Band. Each year, $12, 000 is distributed amongst very deserving and committed pupils, some receiving university scholarships of $1, 000-$1, 500. For high school students, summertime research funds tend to be awarded to aid using the price of exemplary music camps and classes, like the Tanglewood Institute, Berklee College of musical, the brand new The united kingdomt Conservatory of Music and so many more. This season, there have been eleven competitive grant recipients and four exemplary summer study grant recipients. Today, the Tri-County Music Association wishes to honor this year’s scholarship and grant champions, in whom they usually have put their particular trust and help to carry on to bring songs to future generations. Develop that you, too, will appreciate the hard work and passion of those young musicians.

This present year, Katrina Arabie of Taunton (University of North Tx), Travis Bliss of Mattapoisett (New The united kingdomt Conservatory), Hannah Cormier of Mattapoisett (University of Massachusetts – Amherst, photo unavailable), Maria D’Ambrosio of Plymouth (Boston Conservatory of songs), Ashley Perry of Taunton (Boston University), Michael Raposo of Somerset (Hartt School of musical), and Matthew Twaddle of Marion (University of Massachusetts – Amherst) have obtained the John R. Pandolfi university Scholarship.

These stellar young people have already started to show their particular faces into the musical globe. Ashley Perry wrote to united states through the Berkshires, where she was playing an Oboe Workshop at the Boston University Tanglewood Institute. She claims, “This past 12 months is amazing in my situation. I had the chance to play at Symphony Hall as principle oboe and English Horn in the Massachusetts All-State Orchestra, and was fortunate enough to be able to tutor youthful oboists…It is excellent to share something you are passionate about. Thank you.” Ashley is wanting toward seeking a double major in Oboe Performance and Musicology at Boston University. Michael Raposo, on coming back from per week at Eastman School of musical as well as on their solution to the Hartt School of Music to follow a masters in Music Education, states, “I wish to thank the Tri-County Music Association due to their constant help in assisting me go to a school with supplied an unbelievable foundation for getting a professional woodwind doubler and educator.” We want all the best to your Pandofli Scholarship champions.

What makes the Tri-County musical Association really excellent, however, usually their particular support of young adults starts well before the faculty knowledge. Additionally they award Summer learn Grants to kids wishing to learn songs not in the academic year. This year’s youngest recipient is Mia Quinlan of Mattapoisett, who is only approaching her freshmen 12 months of high-school this fall. Mia states, “The Pandolfi grant has afforded me the opportunity to grow as a musician by allowing me to attend the summer program at musical Institute at Rhode Island College.” Another grant receiver – and an associate himself for the Tri-County Symphonic Band – Maxx Wolski of Mattapoisett, states, “The John R. Pandolfi summertime Study Grant Program has furnished me the opportunity to perform with high college and college students from around the country. it is permitted me to learn by some of the finest jazz abilities within the New The united kingdomt location, at locations like Berklee university of musical, UMASS Amherst, and in Foxboro with Steve Massey’s Jazz Improvisation. I’m excessively grateful on Tri-County Music Association for supplying me personally the chance to do, learn, and grow as a musician. I’m honored to be a part.” We in addition congratulate Julianne Fournier of North Attleboro together with above-mentioned Ashley Perry of Taunton (whom in addition obtained the faculty Scholarship for her scientific studies at Boston University), that playing a music theory class at Westminster Choir College and at the Tanglewood Oboe workshop correspondingly through support associated with the Tri-County Music Association.

Because impressed given that Tri-County Music Association is through these young performers, so that as happy as they are to support them, they have been much more proud to be part of a community that is willing to make these efforts feasible. Without having the attendance and donations by a really exemplary collection of men and women, nothing of those grants or scholarships could exist. For the, they thank-you, and they pledge to carry on to provide an excellent and passion of music that will encourage everybody, young and old, to help keep the arts alive and thriving here in the Tri-County communities. We encourage you to definitely follow us on Twitter and visit us at to get our concert routine, make a donation and discover our grant and summer time research grant programs.

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