Good Jazz Bands

October 25, 2022
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DANGER: POISONWhat exactly is wrong with jazz? Would it be that unwieldy sequence tool hiding away beside the drummer? Alan Kurtz,'s resident curmudgeon (which lately inside column debunked the idea of a fresh Golden Age for Jazz and poked a finger within the attention of Record shop Day), today takes on that venerable jazz organization: the bass solo. Below you will find his reasonable, rumbling instance contrary to the huge wooden elephant within the area that everybody politely prevents speaking about. Readers are asked to share with you their views with the addition of their particular remarks or emailing them to T.G.

Bass solos suck. Let us deal with it, the ponderous, unwieldy bottom feeder could be the least interesting jazz tool, lacking perhaps the visual appeal of drum solos. A bulwark in European concert halls since its innovation by 16th-century Italian luthiers, the bass violin features by design remained into the history of symphonic and chamber songs. Mozart, e.g., composed 40 concertos featuring a solo instrument, including 27 for piano, 5 for violin, 4 for horn, one each for flute, clarinet, oboe and bassoon, but nothing for bass violin.Popeye and Scott the Sailormen Likewise various other styles, from folk to pop to nation and rock 'n' roll, the acoustic bass acts a supporting role. Only in jazz has actually it be a principal solamente instrument.

Through to the 1930s, the sequence bass was seldom used in jazz, and also after that hardly ever for solos. Because it projects poorly, the acoustic bass mainly provided ballast instead of solos that undoubtedly plunked over resonated. During 1940s and early '50s, however, such virtuosos as Jimmy Blanton, Oscar Pettiford and Charles Mingus elbowed their particular cumbersome instrument into the limelight. Because of the mid-'50s, bass solos had been de rigueur. However, the bassist stayed primarily an accompanist, maybe not a principal soloist on a par with trumpeters, saxophonists or pianists.

One man changed all of that. During the early 1960s, Scott LaFaro, designed with gargantuan strategy and a muscularity recommending Popeye hopped up on spinach, revolutionized the jazz bass. By imposing his won't only during designated solos, but throughout a whole piece, this brazen bull fiddler in a china store (otherwise known as the Bill Evans Trio) perversely transformed the conventional trio from a pianist supported by bass and drums to a bassist supported by piano and drums.

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A really good jazz band playing @ The Two Towers in Bologna
A really good jazz band playing @ The Two Towers in Bologna
Jazz Band GOOD MEN
Jazz Band GOOD MEN
WSHS JAZZ BAND 2012 - Good Night in New Orleans
WSHS JAZZ BAND 2012 - Good Night in New Orleans

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