Middle School Band music

September 21, 2022

Thank you for visiting another interesting 12 months of songs for show band
from The FJH Music Company.

The FJH Musical Business is pleased to present brand new concert musical organization magazines for 2015– 2016. We now have taken great attention to offer many different works for any development requirements, and you'll find anything from event choices to marches, getaway and novelty pieces.

(Class .5)
Ideal for the initial almost a year of instruction. These pieces are a cushty length for pupils (about an one half web page of songs) and so are playable with only five tools. All tools are limited to a 6-note diatonic range. A number of supplemental workouts are included to help teach different elements of every piece.

(Level 1)
Appropriate inside the first year of training and start of second 12 months. Clarinets try not to go above the break, and there's limited use of accidentals. A great amount of doublings into the reduced voices.

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Source: www.fjhmusic.com
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